5 Home Maintenance Tips For March

Happy March! We know you don’t want to think about it yet, but with Spring around the corner, it’s time to start checking things off your Home Maintenance To-Do List. While the weather might not be warm enough for you to relax outside just yet, March is the perfect time to get started so when the time comes, you can enjoy it without scrambling all at once. Here’s what you should get done: 

1. Prepare Your Air Conditioner: Even though we still are waking up to frost covering our windshields, doing routine air conditioner maintenance can make a huge difference! Change the HVAC filter and have it inspected by a pro. Don’t wait to find out you need repairs in the middle of the summer! 

2. Inspect Roof & Gutters: This one is KEY! As the ice is melting, it’s time to start assessing any damage done by the winter weather. Examine gutters and remove debris and ice, make repairs, and inspect the roof for leaks.

3. Clean Your Deck & Patio: Soon, outdoor relaxation will be back in full force. But, as you know, our temperamental mid-Atlantic weather will bring spurts of nice weather before the Spring settles in. Don’t waste a spontaneous warm weekend scrambling to prepare your deck and patio—get it ready now so when the time comes, it’s ready to enjoy! Sweep, scrub, and stain your deck now!

4. Groom Your Lawn: The growing season is coming—start picking up debris that accumulated over the winter and fill in bare spots with grass seed and fertilizer.

5. Change Furnace Filters: This will keep airflow unobstructed. If the furnace is clogged, it has to work harder, which will cause it to wear out faster.

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