One of the most fun ways to mix up the look of your home is by decorating for the seasons. While many people decorate for the holidays, mixing up your accessories and decor for each season is a fun way to get a new look without replacing your existing furniture or really redecorating your home.

Fall is an especially fun season to decorate for. After all, fall is all about getting cozy and comfy, and what better place to make cozy than your own home. By making a few simple DIY swaps, you can take your home’s decor from generic or unfitting to cozy!

Here are some trendy and timeless fall decor ideas for your home with suggestions for how to incorporate each look. These fall decorating ideas are sure to inspire you to mix up your home’s decor this season!

Bring On The Plaid

Plaid blanket laid out on sofa.

Plaid can give a homey vibe and be incorporated into your home in many ways. Consider using plaid placemats or napkins, throw pillows, blankets, and even slipping a piece of plaid paper into a photo frame.

When looking for plaid prints that specifically feel autumnal, focus on jewel tones. Emerald green, navy blue, mustard yellow and amethyst purple are all perfect for fall and for plaids! Alternatively, look for plaids that are neutral – layers of black, white, tan and cream – for a more neutral, but still cozy, vibe.

Edit Your Entryway

Fall styled entryway with chrysanthemums.

The entryway is the first thing that guests see when they get to your home. If you want to achieve a cozy, welcoming fall look, then an inviting entryway is essential. First, take the time to purge and clean up your entryway, and put away anything that you can. Then, consider adding layered texture in the form of a blanket or rug. If you have a bench or seat, swap out the cushion for something seasonal!

Consider updating any art or family photos for fall-themed shots. One thing you can do is keep four photos of your family in each of your frames and rotate them for each season. Then you’ll always seem like you’re doing something intentional.

Play With Texture

Chair with layered textures.

Try taking a cue from boho decor by mixing different textures – like faux fur rugs and chunky knit throws – to create a warm and eclectic atmosphere. Since we’re decorating with fall in mind, select textures that remind you of a fall wardrobe – nubby sweater knits, thick tweeds, and lush velvets – for the most seasonal results.

Layering textures is also a good option if you want to add interest to a space without adding too many colors. Monochromatic textures still look really interesting without appearing too busy to the eye. Pick at least three textures and have them each repeat at least twice in a space to make the mixing look intentional and thought-out. Choosing textures that are too random looks chaotic and unorganized.

Create A Centerpiece

Fall gourds in a bowl.

Whether you have a formal living room or a casual kitchen, adding a seasonal centerpiece is an easy way to update the feel of the table. For fall, incorporate a lot of natural elements like sticks, pinecones, leaves, gourds or acorns. Place them in bowls or vases of varying heights and add a candle or two for an extra boost of coziness.

One element that looks very fall-like and rustic is the wood-burned look. Try building a simple trough and using a heat gun to add a wood-burned effect. Then fill it with all the natural elements you can.

Cluster Candles

Assorted candles arranged on table.

The warm glow of candles is perfect for a fall evening at home. One wonderful-smelling candle is great, but clustering different sizes at different heights can feel opulent and special. Consider adding candlesticks, holders, or risers to add height and interest to your candle display. Just be sure to be safe when burning large numbers of candles and never leave them unattended.

Gather Branches

Branches in a vase on kitchen counter.

Sticks and branches make great fall decor. Gather them in your yard or woods, peel off any excess or loose bark or moss, and display them in your home. They can go vertically in a vase or even be hung horizontally on the wall! An interesting, natural stick makes a great base for a DIY macrame wall hanging, too.

Experiment With Apples

Apples and berries on a table.

Is there anything more “fall” than an apple? Apples are a great accessory that can be added to wreathes, used as candle holders, or stacked in a bowl for a vibrant centerpiece. They add a natural element and color to any space. Plus, if you use real apples, there’s nothing to store when the season is over – just eat them and replenish as you do!

Add Throw Blankets

Boho room with fall color palette.

Cozy is the name of the game with fall decor, and layered blankets are about as cozy as it gets. Having throw blankets on the back of the couch or stacked in a wicker basket creates an inviting feel in any room. Look for blankets with tassels or fringe on the edges for a little extra texture. Always be sure to have thick wool blankets available for around your fire pit outside.

Try Gourd Votives

Candle burning in an apple.

Mini pumpkins and fall gourds make the perfect votives. You can cut off the top of the gourd, hollow it out, and insert a candle or plant. This can be done with real or faux gourds. They can even be painted for a custom look. If you want to paint them, consider metallics or jewel tones for an extra autumnal look.

Add A Wreath

Grey front door with fall decor.

A fall wreath instantly brings a seasonal vibe to your home. You can purchase one ready-made, of course, but sometimes it’s more fun to DIY. Look for a grapevine wreath base in the size of your choice at your local craft store. Insert natural elements like twigs, leaves and pinecones and use thin wire or hot glue to secure if needed. Top it off with a big bow – burlap, plaid, or jewel toned!

You can also make a large wreath out of scrap wood and stain it brown for a simple, yet effective fall look over your fireplace.

Mix Metal And Wood

Rustic kitchen mixing metal and wood textures.

Metal and wood offer a perfect balance to one another. The juxtaposition of natural, rustic wood with manmade, sleek metal is interesting and unexpected. You can put your own spin on the style by experimenting with different metals, like copper, and different shades of wood.

While these materials are different, when brought together they have a distinctly warm and cozy feeling. Look for accessories with both elements – like a wooden frame with a metal clip to display art, or a wooden piece of furniture with metal hardware accents. You can also add smaller accessories that are either wooden or metal, around all areas of your home.

Turn Leaves Into Art

Framed, pressed leaves on the floor.

From kid art to fine art, fiery-hued leaves make an awesome statement. A gallery wall incorporating leaves under glass or leaf stampings is a great way to celebrate the season. You can press leaves in wax paper between pages of a book to help preserve them so they last all season long!

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Burnt orange couch covered in pillows.

There’s no easier way to breathe new life to a space than swapping out the throw pillows. Rich colors, velvet or knit textures, or animal prints are the way to go for fall. When mixing and matching pillows, look for a common element like a cohesive color scheme to help them all look like they coordinate.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your home, consider swapping out pillow covers and reusing the same interior pillow form. Pillow covers can be washed, folded and stored in a small box or bin.

Add A Pop With Colored Pinecones

Bright pink pinecone wreath.

Nothing says fall like a pinecone, but for a chic spin on the natural decor classic, trying painting them bold or metallic colors. You can spray paint the entire pinecone or use paint to add accents to the tips of the branches. Place the pinecones in a bowl, on a wreath, or even attach them to curtain tie backs for a great natural accent.

Incorporate Jewel Tones

Jewel-toned room with unique, eclectic furniture.

Vibrant jewel tones are a fun twist on the traditional oranges and browns of autumn, while keeping every bit of the coziness and warmth. Some popular jewel tones for fall are ruby red, lapis purple, emerald green and goldenrod. Incorporate jewel tones with planters, vases, pillows or any accessory to add that seasonal splash of fall color.

Layer Up Your Rugs

Minimalist wooden bedroom.

Layering rugs of different colors and patterns, and at different angles, can create an inviting feel in any room. This works best in a large space, but small spaces can benefit from layered mats as well – just be sure that at least 2 inches of the bottom rug is exposed on each side. If you don’t have space for layered rugs, you can layer doormats for an extra welcoming look. Get one with a whimsical fall saying to greet your guests.

Choose Burlap And Twine

Burlap table runner.

From bows on wreaths to DIY napkin holders, burlap and twine are a quintessential go-to for fall decorating. This textured fabric brings a rustic, cozy feel to any space. You can purchase large sheets of burlap, but the wide-wired ribbon is often enough to get the feeling without overdoing it.

Brown twine is another easy way to add a rustic feel to things you already have in your home. Simply wrap a knob, cord, or stem with some twine and tuck the ends under for an instant fall vibe.

Wrap Objects In Yarn

Basket of yarn.

Yarn can transform almost any object into a cozy statement piece. Individually wrap a cluster of sticks in yarn and place them in a vase, or try wrapping an antler or a large wooden letter in yarn. To be sure that you keep that fall vibe, select thick or textured yarn in an autumnal color.

Pot Plants In Old Tins

Plants on a windowsill in tin pots.

A low-maintenance indoor plant in an antique tin creates a fresh and cool decor piece that is simple as can be, and perfect for fall. If you have any existing plants, consider swapping them into a metal container for fall. If your container is large enough and the pot small enough, you can simply place the pot in the tin and not even have to mess with the dirt. Top with moss if you want to cover up the top of the pot.

Accessorize With Antlers

Antlers mounted on a rustic wall.

Whether you find shed antlers or faux ones, they are a great way to bring nature indoors for a pop of fall fun. Place an antler on a shelf to instantly add a bit of nature to your display. You can also use paint to add accents to the tips or base of the antler if you prefer a bit more color.

Mix Up Your Mantel

Wooden mantel with fall decor.


The mantel is one of the easiest places to decorate for each season. To start, remove everything that you have on it already. Add one large item – like a framed piece of art or mirror – as your centerpiece. Decorate on either side with items of varying heights (like candlesticks, branches, or antlers) until you achieve your desired look. Consider adding a garland hanging low from the mantel such as wooden beads or a felt banner.

The Bottom Line On Fall Decor

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. Incorporate cozy textures, rich jewel tones and natural elements into the rooms that you already have for a refreshed seasonal look. Be sure to check out more homeowner tips like these on our blog.

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